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The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

iXIA are working with the food production industry to tackle the issue of sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. We need to learn how to handle and dispose of plastic, and improve methods of detecting recyclable plastic.

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Sustainable Packaging

The top 10 supermarkets produce 810,000 tonnes of throwaway packaging each year!

This shocking statistic goes some way to highlighting the problem the food production industry currently faces. It is an issue that has been at the forefront of the news recently and one that is beginning to be tackled by supermarkets and the food production industry. With consumers becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and actively looking for companies based on their commitment to tackling them, it is important that as an industry we work together to find a sustainable solution for packaging.

Where does iXIA fit in?

Recent investigations revealed that nearly half of packaging in supermarkets cannot be easily recycled. iXIA has been at the forefront of improving recycling within the food packaging industry, working closely with tray manufacturers and food producers to find a solution. We are passionate about the use of sustainable packaging and support this through our development of denesters that accommodate all types of detectable and recyclable trays.

An iXIA tray denester is an innovative piece of machinery that expertly picks up a tray and places it precisely where it needs to be at the exact time. We supply our denesters to many of the large food manufacturers, saving them time and money on their food production line and vastly improving productivity. There is no need to purchase different machines for each tray, you simply change the tooling and it can accommodate any tray material, including recyclable trays and new trays made from pulp. Running on air supply, an iXIA denester is easily maintained with only a detachable tool that requires changing. Offering a simple and fast process with systems running at 4 trays per second (240 trays per minute), it is more efficient than manual labour meaning workers can be better utilised in other areas of the food production line.  

Ultra-Low Stacking

iXIA denesters work with the newly introduced and ground-breaking tray that offers ultra-low stacking. Not only are ultra-low stacking trays fully detectable and recyclable, they increase efficiency of handling, storage and transportation - subsequently reducing the impact on the environment. You can load three times as many trays in the same stack, with no compromise on the quality of the trays. This means that over 1 million trays can be stacked in one truckload, increasing from the average of 290,000. The total environmental impact of the trays then improves by up to 67% and you can load 300% more trays into the iXIA cassette, making run times greatly increased between refills.

As a company we strive to raise awareness amongst the industry regarding the need to work with sustainable packaging, learning how to handle and dispose of plastic, and improving ways of detecting recyclable plastic. Together we can make a difference and we are already making great progress.

iXIA – committed to working with the latest sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging


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