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Why choose an iXIA Tray Denester?

When mass producing food products, every product has to be packaged to perfection. It is important that the process is straight-forward and accurate from start to finish. iXIA provides an innovative range of tray denesters to many food manufacturers, beginning the production process effortlessly, saving time and money. We have created some of the fastest denesting machines around to date which are so simple to use, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

An iXIA denester is easily adapted by simply changing the tool inside the machine which allows it to accommodate a huge range of trays, including recyclable trays and new trays made from pulp. We have been at the forefront of improving recycling within the food packaging industry, raising awareness of the need to consider sustainability and offering food producers a machine that accommodates all types of trays including plastic, aluminium, cardboard, polypropylene and the most recent types of detectable and recyclable trays.

Running only on air supply, an iXIA denesting machine is easily maintained with only the detachable tool requiring change (this is changed dependent upon the tray type or type of food being packaged). An extremely simple and fast process with the majority of systems being run at 4 trays per second (240 trays per minute). The pure speed and efficiency of the machines means workers can be utilised in other parts of the production line - increasing overall productivity and reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury which can occur through manual continuous tray placement.

The Machines

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Twin Headed

Perfect for any size packaging and able to deposit twice the number of trays onto the production line, the iXIA twin-headed denester provides smooth, reliable and rapid denesting of trays.

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Single Headed

Our single-headed tray denester can be easily integrated into any production line. It provides rapid, consistent denesting ready to accurately pick and accurately place any product. Click below, read more.

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Multiple Headed

Our multiple-headed tray denester is able to precisely deliver multiple trays at once onto a production line. With ultra-fast speed, the machine accurately places multiple packaging trays onto the conveyer.


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Precise, Clean, Efficient

It is no secret that within the food production industry, all packaging has to be accurate and reflect exactly what content is inside the wrapping. We understand that the consequences of getting this wrong could be detrimental for customers health.  We are here to start this process with ease and precision.

Our machines pick the tray quickly and place it exactly where it needs to be at the perfect time, every time. All of our machines run on air – so there is no electricity which means they can be cleaned with full wash down and without the safety and reliability issues associated with electrical equipment in wash down areas.

For an efficient, speed-optimised, accurate picking and placement denesting machine, look no further than an iXIA denester.

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