iXIA UKtray denester

The Tray Denester Machines

We offer a range of tray denesters provide accurate and efficient placement of trays on your food line and provide a smooth and reliable start to the production process. Our tray denesters work with all types of packaging including ALL plastic trays & lids e.g CPET, RPet, Acetate, Polypropylene also all types of Aluminium, all types of Fibre & cardboard. Tray denesting at extremely high speeds – all of our machines work much faster than manually placing trays on the conveyor belt. Need to changeover tray size/material quickly? Our reliable high-speed tray denesters will change product in a matter of minutes – eliminating hassle and fuss when changing the packaging and all with our “plug & go” operator change, no need for any tools or engineers. Whether you are packing ready meals, fresh meat, fish and seafood, fresh produce or dried fruit - we offer line solutions to suit your food filling line.

Twin Headed Tray Denester

Perfect for any size food packaging and able to deposit twice the number of trays onto the production belt, the iXIA twin-headed pick and place machine provides smooth product handling, reliability and the rapid denesting of trays. Look no further for perfect tray denesting every time.


Single Headed Denester

Our high speed single-headed tray denesters can be integrated easily into any food production process. For improved quality control, our packaging systems provide rapid, consistent tray denesting ready to accurately pick and accurately place any product. It eliminates the need for manual labour and RSI, meaning employees can focus on a different, less monotonous part of production.


Multiple Headed Denester

Our multiple-headed denester is able to precisely deliver multiple trays at once onto a production conveyor whether you are packaging ready meals or fish and seafood. With expert product handling, accurate placement and ultra-fast speed, our packaging systems provide accurate placement of food packaging trays onto the conveyor belt. An iXIA is a pick and place machine which will not let you down.