Whether it’s fish fillets, prawns, calamari, breaded fish or fish pie, an iXIA denester can tackle any product with extreme precision and at an incredibly fast rate. Able to function at extremely low temperatures, the denester is able to perfectly pick trays in order to pack chilled and frozen products with any packaging. No matter the consistency of your fish or seafood product – the iXIA denester can work at high speeds with a recent installation running at 240 trays per minute.

The iXIA denester is able to handle rapid changes in product – a change that only takes a matter of minutes compared to other tray denesters. The machine is a hygienic solution to packing fish products. It can be fully washed down with no electrical risk because it simply runs on air.

Cut your labour costs by installing an iXIA denester to cut down manual labour. For an energy efficient, robust and maintenance free tray denester contact us here or call 01825 766 800