Pick and Place Equipment

Whether it’s fish fillets, prawns, calamari, breaded fish or fish pie, an iXIA automatic pick and place denester can tackle any product with extreme precision and at an incredibly fast rate. Able to function at extremely low temperatures, the denester is able to perfectly pick trays in order to pack chilled and frozen products with any packaging. No matter the consistency of your fish or seafood product – the iXIA denester can work at high speeds with a recent installation running at 240 trays per minute. The iXIA denester can handle a change of product at a rapid speed, even if there is a change in product every 20 minutes. This completely eliminates any hassle and fuss when changing the packaging and all with our “plug & go” operator change, there is no need for any tools or engineers.

About iXIA's Pick and Place Equipment

We are a dedicated manufacturing company to the production of pick and place machines. For many years, we have perfected the automation of food production lines. We work with many food production companies such as Saladworks, Hovis and Addo enhancing their production lines, making them more efficient in terms of product and savings.

The iXIA denester is able to handle rapid changes in product – a change that only takes a matter of minutes compared to other tray denesters. The machine is a hygienic solution to packing fish products. It can be fully washed down with no electrical risk because it simply runs on air. An iXIA pick place machine is far more efficient than staff as it runs all day every day and can cut labour and pension costs. You can move staff members to a less tedious part of the production line, where they will not be at risk of RSI.

An iXIA pick and place machine is fully automated, running only on air supply and a small 24V electronic signal. As there is so little power, the risk of danger is very low and the machines are extremely energy efficient.

Compatible with Eco-Friendly Packaging

As we are all aware in today's climate, it is vitally important to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to packaging. Many food productions are doing their bit and supplying recyclable packaging, detectable trays or ultra low stacking trays in their food products. All of these are fully compatible with an iXIA denester - still providing the same level of efficiency as any other packaging material.

Cut your labour costs by installing a pick place iXIA denester to cut down manual labour. For an energy efficient, robust and maintenance free tray denester contact us here or call 01825 766 800. Please get in touch if there is anything you wish to discuss, or you would like to come and see how our machines work.