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Food to go comes readily prepared in a wide array of pots, packets and multi-compartmental packaging. Whether the ‘to go’ product is solid, paste or liquid, an iXIA denester is able to swap between different containers at high speeds in order to optimise product flow. Working with ALL packaging materials – the pick and place machine can accurately place the container exactly when you want it. The iXIA tray denesting machine is one of the fastest and most precise available, not just the “picking” but also the “placement”!

Reducing Costs for Food Manufacturers

iXIA UK are the only manufacturing company dedicated solely to the manufacture of denesting machines. For many years we have worked hard to perfect the automation of food production lines, introducing the iXIA denester to many food manufacturers and enhancing their efficiency, producing significant savings and transforming production lines. We now work with an array of food manufacturers ranging from Saladworks to Hovis to Addo.

Working closely with the food packaging and production industry we appreciate that every packing line is different. The iXIA denester works rapidly, even if there is a change in the product every 20 minutes. It always produces accurate results which makes it more reliable than other means such as manual workers, and it doesn’t require holidays, pension costs etc it just runs 24 x 7. This can cut your businesses labour costs as there will be no need for staff placing the trays onto the conveyor belt which can cause production line stoppages or even RSI claims. Production workers can then be relocated to other areas of the line where their time will be spent more effectively.

How does a Denester work?

iXIA denesters are fully automated systems which run continuously on air supply, with the requirement of only a small 24V signal. they are designed to wait for a simple 24V electronic signal to inform the machine when a further tray is required. Many of our systems run at 4 trays per second or 240 trays per minute. With such little power required, the risk of danger is very low and all of our machines are extremely energy efficient.

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