When working with something as delicate as pastry or bread, it is important for the goods to be handled gently and for the measurements to be as accurate as possible. The iXIA tray denester can perfectly pick any form of packaging and have it ready for whatever products to be precisely deposited into the container.

We have worked hard to utilise the latest technology to create our fully pneumatic, energy efficient, low maintenance pick and place machine. If there is a change in the packaging or materials needed, our denester can tackle this in a matter of seconds. Our robust machine is able to operate much faster than any manual worker – able to lay up to any number of trays you require per minute. The machine is extremely operator friendly and easy to use, meaning that other members of staff can focus on a different stage in the packaging process.

Saving you time and money, the iXIA tray denester is perfect for handling any of your packaging needs. We can guarantee there is nothing it can’t handle. Contact us for more information or call us on 01825 766 800