Tray Denester Machine

It is important that a Pick and Place denester works accurately so that the food packaging process functions exactly as it should in order to reduce waste that could occur when produce goods are unintentionally discarded. The iXIA food tray and punnet denester is able to cope with frequent and rapid changes to pack size, material and format required. Whether your particular packaging is plastic trays, or any other type of tray - a pick and place denester from iXIA will be compatible. Tray denesting ata very high speed every time onto your conveyer line, the machine can work at your designated speeds in order to optimise production time. An iXIA denester can deliver speeds of up to 240 trays per minute! No matter what you may be packaging, we are certain we have denesting solutions to suit you.

Our denesting machines allow more reliability than an employee manually placing the trays onto the production line as it is a more accurate and efficient solution. It allows you to move workers to a more vital part of the production line, where they will be less at risk of RSI.

Reliable and Efficient Denesting

Unlike other tray denesters, our denesting machine is not powered by electricity. It is fully pneumatic, powered simply by air, reducing risks to staff members. This also means it can be washed down without having to consider the dangers of electricals or unreliability of electrical equipment in wet areas. We have worked hard to make the machine as operator friendly as possible, so that it can be incorporated into your production like as smoothly as possible.

Increase efficiency in your food production line with an iXIA denester. With unbelievable speed and accuracy, you can’t go wrong with an iXIA tray denester depositing any material packaging onto your production line. The most reliable packaging systems available in the food packaging industry. Contact us for more information or call us on 01825 766 800