iXIA UKtray denester

About Us

iXIA is a professional UK engineering company who are dedicated to automate all of your food packaging within the Food Industry with our range of Pick & Place Denesters. Our machines are all unique and use the latest technology to provide you with efficient, accurate placement of trays on your production line. Our denesters work with all types of packaging including ALL plastic trays & lids e.g CPET, RPet, Acetate, Polypropylene also all types of Aluminium, all types of Fibre & cardboard. Any type of packaging can be easily changed on the same machine within production in a matter of minutes.

Our machines provide an alternative to manual labour and are a lot faster and precise. This will reduce your labour cost and increase the speed of production. All of our machines are fully pneumatic with a full wash down capability. They are energy efficient, extremely robust, and almost maintenance free, meaning that in the long run they will save your company money, with payback times sometimes measured in months rather than years. They can run all day every day, and after being easily integrated within your production line, they can be simply operated to provide accurate picking and placement every time.