Tray Denester Automation

Accurate Pick and Place Machines

Fresh, frozen, minced or any other variation of meat or poultry – the iXIA tray denester can pick any sized tray and place it exactly where you want it to go at the exact moment you need it there. If you need a different container, our tray denesters can perform a changeover in just a few minutes compared to other competing denesters.

The iXIA denester plays a vital role in the process. It efficiently places the correct trays onto the conveyor belt as fast as you need it! With excellent product handling, our denester is run on air – not power and works at incredibly high speed. Therefore, this makes for easy cleaning – simply wash it down and it will work as normal. It is a safe, energy efficient machine which requires almost no maintenance, allowing you to focus on other vital parts of your business.

Tray denesting equipment allows manual workers to spend their time elsewhere on a different part of the production line – leave the monotonous work (placement of trays) to our denester for it to be done accurately and efficiently and not forgetting eliminating any potential RSI!

We guarantee that our Pick & Place packaging systems can tackle any kind of tray – contact us to find out more about what it can do for your packing line or call 01825 766 800.