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November 2018

New Twin Headed Machine Being Delivered

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August 2018

Ultra Low Stacking Trays - From Faerch Plast

Introducing a new, ground-breaking tray which ensures ultra-low stacking. This increases efficiency of handling, storage and transportation reducing the environmental impact of the packaging. Three times as many trays can be loaded in the same stack, but the quality of the trays is not compromised for this height change and most importantly all work easily and effectively with all iXIA i7 Series machines.

This means that over 1 million trays can be stacked in one truckload up from the current average of 290,000, so less trucks are needed to transport said trays and the need for storage is decreased. Therefore, the total environmental impact of the trays improves by up to 67%. With a huge amount of money saved on fuel, and the enormous environmental impact a change like this can make.

Please note these trays are fully detectable and recyclable!

Of course this means you can load 300% more trays into the iXIA cassette so run times are greatly increased between refills.

View these new Ultra low stacking trays running on iXIA denesters!

July 2018

News 1st July 2018

Samworth Brothers are proud how their strong values guide their business. They are industry leaders in automation and continuous improvement and iXIA are proud to be part of their machinery supplier base with our range of “Pick & Place” denesters. Samworth state of the art new site at Bradgate Bakery Ashton Green have just installed another iXIA denester running with a very complicated clamshell tray and also with their new design pint pot –see links to videos. It is envisaged that this line will also have another iXIA denester which will pick & place the lid and place in on the pot and then close the lid. There are many different iXIA denesters within the group and many joint projects in production.

Færch Plast who already have a full range of detectable and recycleable plastic trays have announced even further commitment with the purchase of Dutch 4 PET Group and now able to recycle PET trays on an industrial scale. In addition  to this development Faerch Plast have also launched their new patented tray design with a much reduced minimum gap between each tray of only 10mm thereby massively reducing transportation and storage costs. iXIA have been working with Faerch Plast and confirm that all these new design trays will work within all iXIA i7 Series – see links to videos. iXIA denesters work with all Faerch Plast existing trays and will also work with all the new design trays.

Strathmore Foods have just placed another order for an iXIA twin lane denester to run with all their existing trays. Douglas Nisbet, Operations Director, “this means all our production lines are running with iXIA denesters as they have proven to be totally robust, efficient and accurate over many years, with the added value that being fully pneumatic they are virtually maintenance free”.

Montana Bakery are about to install 2 x iXIA denesters to run their M&S products. After a successful PDI they are looking forward to automating the front end of their production lines.

Huhtamaki have been working with a large supermarket chain and Saladworks to launch a new type of Fibre tray. They have also chosen iXIA to work with them on  the design of the tray to ensure their new trays can be fully automated within iXIA denesters. This is a new project, although it has being in work for a year and it is expected to fully launch later in 2018 – see links to video.