Tray Denester Machine

The perfect start to your production line

There is a worldwide growing demand for food convenience. Ready meals have become tremendously popular and therefore the demand to get them packaged quickly is vital. There is enormous product diversity within ready meals - a range of materials and shapes are often required by the same company.

Able to handle all materials - the iXIA denester packaging systems perfectly places trays for all fresh, cooked, steamed, breaded and marinated foods. With expert product handling, it can handle any substance, allowing the process to go ahead on your packaging line without any interruptions or slowing down. The denesting machines are incredibly hygienic and allow for easy cleaning as they can be fully washed down. Our machines are without the safety and reliability issues associated with electrical equipment in wet environment.

We understand that you may need different food packaging solutions in your filling line. Our tray denesters are adaptable and can handle all different packaging materials and provide accurate placement by simply changing the tool inside the machine, which takes a matter of minutes.

Call us today to find out more information on our pick and place denester and how it can provide superb tray denesting to help your company save time and money. Contact us here or call 01825 766 800.