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An iXIA tray denester can save your food production company time and money. They provide an accurate start to the production line as they have the ability to work with all material packaging.

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Tray Denester

If you are in charge a large volume food production factory, you need a reliable start with the perfect placement of trays. We understand that there are many packaging systems out there, but an iXIA tray denester is the best choice for you. Our machines are incredibly fast and efficient and can save you time and money which is spent on manual labour work.

An iXIA works with all types of packaging, whether it is a tray, food to go pot or container. No matter what material your packaging may be, our pick and place tray denesters have the capability to work with it all. Including CPET, RPET, Acetate, Polypropylene, aluminium, cardboard, and fibre trays. With iXIA, tray denesting is adaptable and you can easily carry out a product changeover when you want to change packaging material just by changing the tool inside the machine. This only takes a matter of minutes then the machine goes on in a continuous motion. The machine itself is simple to operate and having an iXIA improves sustainability as you need fewer denesters rather than one for every different material you require.

Why Choose iXIA?

Our pick and place machines work at incredible high speed (up to 4 trays per second!) No manual labourer is able to match the speed of our tray denesters. Manually placing trays onto the line has further disadvantages, such as providing a broken rhythm to the process. Using an iXIA denester gives you an uninterrupted flow of trays so you know exactly how many are able to go through the process a day. There are also health risks attached to having the role of placing trays such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) which occurs from repetitive movement. Using our denester eliminates this issue within your workforce.

Our pick and place tray denesters are 'Plug & Go' which means there is no need for tooling or engineers. With expert product handling, our machines are easy to use and you do not need any specific skills to be able to control the denester. It is fully pneumatic, it can be washed down with no potential electrical hazard. The iXIA denesters are maintenance free, once it is set up correctly you can leave it to do its job. Therefore, you can move manual workers to another vital part of production. We offer single-headed, twin-headed and multi-headed denesters to suit all production lines.

For further information on our denesters please just get in touch. You can contact us via the form at the top of this page or by giving us a call on 01825 766800.


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