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When it comes to the food manufacturing industry, your production line needs to be functioning quickly and accurately. An IXIA tray denester picks and places trays onto the filling line extremely quickly - up to 240 trays per minute!

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An iXIA Denester - What you need for accurate food manufacturing

If you are a large volume food and drink manufacturer, food production company or working within supply chain in the food industry - an iXIA pick and place machine is what your production line needs to give you the most accurate and reliable start to the production process. Quality assurance is critical within the food manufacturing process, therefore an iXIA tray denester works extremely quickly and can save you time and money which would be spent on manual labour work in your food manufacturing establishment. We are currently supplying many major food groups including Samworth Group, Kerry Foods and many others which are well known within the industry in the United Kingdom.

iXIA are a forward thinking company within the food processing and manufacturing sector. Your new denester has the capability to work with a wide range of material packaging including plastic trays e.g CPET, RPET, Acetate, Polypropylene, and all aluminium, fibre and cardboard packaging. Product development is of the utmost importance to us and we are constantly finding new ways to make packaging more environmentally sustainable.  Within the food and drink industry, it is important to have renewability in mind when focusing on product development - our machines can handle all materials including post-consumer recycled mixed-colour PET trays. This machine is remarkably adaptable, if you need to change the the material packaging - simply switch the tool inside the machine which only takes a matter of minutes. This is a sustainable option as you need fewer tray denesters instead of one to accommodate each material you require. Once you have switched the tooling inside the denester - the machine will get straight back to work seamlessly working with the rest of the production line.

Benefits of an iXIA Denester

An iXIA tray denester is able to pick and place trays at phenomenal speed - 4 trays per second! Which is significantly faster than even the best manual labourer. We are able to provide continuous improvement to your production line by providing a stable and fast start to the process, and quality control is maintained by the denesters accurate consistency. Manually hand placing the trays has many more disadvantages, such as not being able to predict the number of trays successfully filled in one period of time. If you choose an iXIA denester, you know exactly how many trays are able to be filled during one period. In addition to this, there is the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) which occurs with the repetitive movement attached to the role of a manual labourer physically placing the trays onto the production line. This is a common health hazard which often occurs in manufacturing. An iXIA tray denester means that you can move the manual workers to another less monotonous part of the production line.

Our pick and place machines are 'Plug & Go' - there is no need for any tools or engineers. Food safety is vitally important within the industry and our machines, therefore in order to utilise the machine safely you do not need any prior skills and knowledge. Our food manufacturing machine is easy to use and requires no special knowledge to be able to use successfully. Health and safety is another important factor, therefore the iXIA denesters are fully pneumatic and can be washed down with no electrical risk. It is low maintenance - once it is set up it requires no real upkeep. We offer single-headed, twin-headed and multiple-headed denesters for your food manufacturing line.

Whether you are a food manufacturing company packaging fresh produce, meat and poultry or any new products - we are sure we can offer the right denester to suit you. If you have any queries about our pick and place machines and how they work in regards to food manufacturing, do not hesitate to complete the form at the top of this page or give us a call on 01825 766800. We are more than happy to provide any further information you may require, set up a meeting or a phone call. If you are unsure how a denester will suit your production line, we can send you multiple example products of our machines working with a multitude of example trays. Just get in touch today!


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