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Automating Food Production Lines

iXIA are working with food manufacturers and the food production industry, finding ways forward in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic. An iXIA denester is completely automated, removing the need for human contact and in turn protecting your staff and your business!

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iXIA – Automating Food Production Lines

The world is facing a pandemic of indescribable proportions. Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it, with the majority of industries facing an uncertain future. In particular, food manufacturers and the food production industry are under intense strain to produce and deliver food to the nation. However, this task is more difficult as food manufacturers are also having to handle a number of issues that are significantly affecting their productivity. From protecting staff during the packaging process and dealing with a loss of staff through self-isolation – the need to produce and package food safely whilst minimising human contact has never been greater.

iXIA are working closely with companies in the food production industry, providing a solution that will greatly benefit them from both a safety and productivity perspective. Our tray denesters remove the need for manual labour, minimising human contact and offering a highly effective and seamless start to large volume production lines. Providing the perfect placement of trays, working at incredible speed and accommodating over 3,000 types of trays, an iXIA denester is saving food production companies time and money and lessening the need for manual labour.

iXIA Denester – The Benefits

An iXIA denester works at incredible speed, with many systems running at 4 trays per second (240 trays per minute). Our denesters offer a safer and more hygienic method of handling the food packaging by reducing the need for human contact. They also improve productivity significantly, as they are far quicker and more effective than any manual operator could be.  

With an iXIA denester, you receive an uninterrupted flow of trays that are constantly placed onto the production line. This avoids the potential of a broken rhythm to the production process and enables you to record exactly how many trays you are producing and easily predict the rate of production. With such a unique process, it is nearly impossible to fault, and it provides 100% consistency on all production lines.

An iXIA denester runs on air supply and all we need is a 24V “Go” signal from the line. Being simply 'Plug & Go' means there is no need for tools or engineers - again decreasing the need for any human contact. Our denesters are almost maintenance free. You do not need multiple denesters for different product variations. If you wish to change the tray being placed, simply change the detachable tool dependent upon the tray type or type of food being packaged. We are currently able to accommodate over 3,000 different sizes and material trays in the food industry including plastic, aluminium, cardboard, polypropylene, pulp fibre, plant based trays, solid wood trays, and especially the ultra low stacking, detectable and recyclable trays.

As you can see from the above benefits, an iXIA denester reduces the need for manual operators within the production line, protecting both them and all of those who they may come into contact with. What’s more – you cannot get a more reliable and effective start to the production line than an iXIA tray denester.

iXIA are proud to work so closely with food manufacturers and companies in the food production industry across the UK and worldwide. In the current climate, we need to consider long-term solutions on how to safely move forward whilst protecting our staff and our businesses.

Together we can do this!


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